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Indianapolis LINE-X & Millennium Linings offers the best truck accessories available to ensure you find the best gear for your adventures.

Whether you plan on taking on the trails this summer or honing your craft on the jobsite, then the right truck topper can help to provide secure storage in a versatile, high-quality manner. Did you know that modern truck caps come in a variety of styles to meet every budget and need? You get what you pay for when it comes to reliable truck accessories, and our toppers are no different!

Infographic: Find the Perfect Truck Cap for Your Adventures


  • Front Sliding Windows — You may prefer a sliding window for easy access into the back of your truck, as well as an ideal way to keep the interior glass surfaces clean.
  • Windoors — Hinged windows provide easy access from nearly all angles into the bed. Ask a representative about the benefits of a window door for your truck topper.
  • Sliders — Effective and economical, glass window sliding doors on your truck cap provide simple access.
  • One-Piece Windows — Achieve a seamless look and economic price with one-piece side windows.
  • All-Glass Rear Doors — Drivers love the seamless look of their frameless, hidden-hinge glass. These all-glass rear windows are as strong as they are sleek.


The trim along your truck cap makes a big statement when it comes to the overall aesthetics and how clean the finish looks. Investing in a nicer truck topper can help you achieve a seamless look to go with your other truck accessories. High-end models feature frameless glass, maximizing visibility and aesthetics.

Rack Systems

Speak with one of our professionals if you are interested in placing additional gear on top of your truck cap. Certain models are rated to hold more weight, as well as base racks to affix a variety of items. From ladders to kayaks, the right truck cap rack can help you to stow more gear and get more done. You can put your tents, coolers, and other camping gear up top to make room!

Remote to Unlock

One high-quality upgrade to consider is whether or not you want remote entry to gain access into the truck bed. Simply press the button on your keypad and “POP!”. The spring-loaded tailgate will communicate via its own fob transmitter and receiver to pop out for easy access. Remote unlocks are available for all trucks with fitting topper models, including vehicles without a keyless remote. You can even connect your interior truck lighting to come on with the touch of a button.

This truck cap upgrade is not available in Economy models, so be sure to speak with a professional from Indianapolis LINE-X & Millennium Linings to ensure you have the best choice for your vehicle needs.

Truck Lights

For many drivers, interior dome lights within their truck cap can help to make work or recreation much easier. Most toppers offer lighting features to help you illuminate the bed of your truck. An upgraded rack system or mount can also provide room for a light bar, providing considerable illumination on the trail or behind the tailgate.
This truck cap upgrade is not available in Economy models, so be sure to speak with a professional from Indianapolis LINE-X & Millennium Linings to ensure you have the best choice for your vehicle needs.

Topper Modifications

In addition to investing in a quality truck cap to help you get more done with more comfort and beauty, you can also reach out to Indianapolis LINE-X & Millennium Linings for LINE-X coatings for complete protection. Our protective coatings offer complete protection from impacts, scratches, gouges, stains, rust, and corrosion, all while retaining a lasting shine to help your vehicle look good for years to come.

This two-tone polyurea coating can complement the seamless beauty of your truck with a ruggedly protective finish. In high-stress situations, you’ll be glad you invested in quality protection from our LINE-X team in West and South Indianapolis!

Our LINE-X Body Armor series is designed to deliver seamless protection for the lifetime of your vehicle. A LINE-X coating on your truck cap can provide complete peace of mind and industry-leading protection wherever you roam.

In addition to rugged protection offered by our protective coatings, you can color match your new truck cap to enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle. We’d be happy to provide you with available color options to further customize your truck for success.

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