Your truck is an investment that, when properly maintained, will be a valuable asset for years to come. Don’t let inclement weather or improper maintenance get in the way of your truck performing at its best — stop by our locations around Indianapolis to see how we can safeguard against rust and other damage. Read on to find out how the services we offer can help you, and visit us when you decide to upgrade your truck.


As an experienced LINE-X® supplier, we are proud to offer the most trusted product available when it comes to truck bed liner spray. LINE-X® is primarily thought of as a truck bed liner spray, but its applications are limited only by your imagination. You can spray your fenders, bumpers, or your entire truck if you want to, or use it in a wide variety of residential or industrial applications. LINE-X® is also available in any color you desire. We know how much time and care goes into designing your truck, and with LINE-X®, you don’t have to compromise your design preferences for superior protection.

The spray works by bonding itself to the surface it’s applied to, forming a permanent protective layer that is resistant to even the toughest scratches and damage. Millennium Linings & Accessories is the oldest certified LINE-X® dealer in the Indianapolis area, so you can be sure you are getting the highest quality application, anywhere you need it. For more information on LINE-X® and its many applications, view our page with in-depth descriptions of its many benefits.

Rust Check®

The undercarriage of your vehicle may not be the first thing on your mind when upgrading and protecting your vehicle, but it is essential to maintain to maximize the longevity of your vehicle. Rust Check® is an ideal option for protecting your vehicle’s undercarriage. It is a pressurized spray that works by coating difficult-to-reach parts of your vehicle’s undercarriage, which can be prone to corrosion. It creates a layer that displaces moisture, which is necessary for corrosion to form in the first place. Drastically reduce the progress of existing corrosion and prevent it from occurring in the future with Rust Check®. For even more information about the impressive benefits of Rust Check®, visit this page to learn more.


The best way to treat corrosion on your truck is to prevent it before it starts. One of the easiest options to achieve this is by treating your truck with undercoating spray to attack corrosion at the source, ensuring your truck stays on the road for years to come.

Valugard® gives you outstanding protection from corrosion, and is able to penetrate the hardest-to-reach parts of your undercarriage. With this undercoating, the most vulnerable areas of your truck will be protected from rust and corrosion long into the future. One of the most common causes of rust comes from towns using de-icers on their roads in the winter. Your vehicle is prone to picking up calcium, magnesium, and sodium contained in these de-icers, all of which make your vehicle much more vulnerable to harmful corrosion. Protect yourself from this and general wear-and-tear with a quality undercoating. Visit Millennium Linings & Accessories for application, and read our page all about Valugard® to learn more about how it can protect your vehicle.

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