Undercoating, Rustproofing, and Rust Inhibitors

Millennium Linings has the best and most complete Rust Proofing and Undercoating programs available on the market today. We offer programs built to suit new, used, classic, and antique vehicles of all sizes and types. We offer OE approved coatings using OE approved methods for those who have new vehicles under warranty, and even have coatings designed for the new all aluminum body vehicles. It is true aluminum will never rust, but it will corrode, leaving a white powder, causing paint to blister and your vehicle to deteriorate. We also specialize in more intense types of coatings that can reduce existing rust growth by up to 90%. At Millennium, our goal is to protect your car from rust and corrosion for the life of your vehicle.


Valugard wants to remind you that just because you can’t see the rust today, doesn’t mean it isn’t there and working to destroy your vehicle. Millennium Linings can protect the parts of your vehicle that are most-exposed to salt and road hazards with a NO DRILL RUSTPROOFING PROCESS from Valugard.
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Valugard is a one-time coating with no need for check-ups. It offers a Lifetime Warranty on all new consumer vehicles with less than 3 months and 3000 miles from purchase date. It’s not wrong to want your vehicle looking great, and to want to keep it for 5, 10 even 20 years. Valugard is the leader in offering this with the NO DRILL/PLUG option. Using only factory holes for its Rust Inhibitor & Undercoating Processes.

Rust Check

Rust Check Coat & Protect is premium vehicle undercarriage protectant. Rust Check Coat & Protect can be thought of as a thicker version of Rust Check, with good adhesion and wash resistance, making it ideal for exposed undercarriage areas, Coat & Protect eliminates dripping from the undercarriage, but does not harden; it is self-healing, won’t crack or peel, and can be applied to both new and used vehicles. Coat & Protect is a premium product that contains a very high percentage of the same type of effective corrosion inhibitors used in Rust Check. The Rust Check maintenance program offers a Lifetime Warranty on all consumer vehicles with less than 3 years and 36,000 miles.rust check logo

Used together in the Rust Check Two Product Process, Rust Check Coat & Protect and Rust Check provides premium quality protection, tailored to the different environments encountered by the different areas of your vehicle.