Arctic Start 800

All the Essentials

  • 1000 Ft. Range
  • ArcticBlue LED

The Arctic Start 800 remote starter may be an entry-level system, but it offers many of the same features as its more expensive siblings. This no-frills remote starter carries all the essentials for a great remote start system, but at a fraction of the price.

Arctic Start 800 Features

Extended Range: The 800 features AM transmitter technology for up to 1000 feet of range, more than 3x the distance of conventional vehicle remotes.

Compact Design: When size matters, the 800 is a small remote measuring just 2 inches at its greatest length.

ArcticBlue LED: Arctic Start 800Bright LED visually indicates the command has been sent from the remote.

What’s Inside AR800-S:

  • Two (2) Arctic Start 800 remote
  • Two (2) A23S batteries
  • Two (2) metal link keychain
  • Owner’s manual
  • CM800-S control module (for remote start)
  • CS800 Basic wire bundle


Remotes: (2) 4-button LED remotes. Operates at 433MHz AM frequency. LED remote requires (1) A23S battery (included). The system is capable of communication between 4 remotes maximum.

Control Module: iDatalink and Fortin bypass compatible. 12-pin primary harness.

System: Tachometer sensing, voltage sensing (“touchless”), self-crank, and alternator engine sensing methods. Trigger start input plus temperature-activated rear defrost output.

Compatibility: ADS iDatalink and Fortin bypass modules for maximum vehicle compatibility.

Ignition Controlled Door Locks (“Drive-Lock”): Automatic door lock activation after the system acknowledges the vehicle is in motion. Dual program options include activation through foot-brake depress or activation through RPM sensing.

Diesel Mode: Automatic engine start activation after the system acknowledges the diesel engine is ready to start. System programmable options compatible with wire and delayed starting for a variety of vehicle applications.

Interval Start: Automatic engine start activation at timed intervals. System programmable interval options include 1.5h and 3h with 4m (8m diesel) run-time. The feature is user enabled/disabled from programmed remotes.

RS Run-Time: System programmable engine run-time options. Includes 3m/15m/25m/45m.

Starter-Interrupt: Automatic engine start prevention after system acknowledges unauthorized access.

Valet: Restricts access to all system features other than door lock/unlock. The feature is user enabled/disabled from programmed remotes.