Bring Your Spray-On Bed Liner Back to Life With LINE-X!

This enhancement system is designed to restore your old, faded, or damaged truck bed back to perfection. Heavy wear and tear can take their toll on inferior bed liners, pushing many drivers to seek out a quality service to repair their investment and benefit from lasting protection. Our polyurea coating can restore any spray-on coating back to perfection, delivering the proven protection of LINE-X sprays to provide lasting peace of mind for outdoor enthusiasts, fleet managers, and more. 

LINE-X ReNew is here to create the best results for every vehicle. Our protective coating will:

  • Permanently bond to your existing bed liner — The molecular bonding of LINE-X ensures that your restoration service was well worth the effort. Our professionals can apply the right thickness for ideal protection and flexibility.
  • Smooth out rough patches — Wear and tear is inevitable. ReNew can fill in rough spots to restore the smooth surface of your truck bed.
  • Deliver proven protection — While your old spray-on bed liner may not have held up to the rigors of your life, LINE-X coatings are rated to deliver ideal protection. Minimize future
  • Keep sun damage at bay — UV damage is unavoidable for cars and trucks, and the constant sunshine on your bed has likely taken its toll. ReNew includes added UV protection to keep your truck bed safe for the long haul.
  • Restore your vehicle — Are you planning on selling your truck, or do you miss its original beauty? LINE-X delivers proven results to restore your vehicle’s value.

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Are you ready to restore your truck bed? LINE-X of Indianapolis proudly offers LINE-X ReNew to remedy old, fading beds back to like-new condition. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to ask for your free service quote!