Why Choose Under the Rail?

  • Protect what is needed most — If you don’t plan on roughing it with your truck beyond placing tools and materials in the bed, then installing LINE-X under the rail may be a good choice. You can protect the area that needs it most to maximize efficiency.
  • Save on costs — While the price for coating the bed’s rails and tailgate rail can provide complete protection, many drivers opt for the more cost-effective approach. You can choose to spray under the rails to cut down on your service costs.
  • Rail protectors already in place — Are you planning on installing metal or plastic bed rail protectors? Spraying over the rails may be overkill in this scenario.
  • Aesthetic preferences — Do you prefer the look of LINE-X sprays under the rails? Our team can provide a range of solutions to increase your vehicle’s beauty and protection.

Why Choose Over the Rail?

  • Cohesive looks — Do you want to use LINE-X to complete the look of your truck? We can add the right details across your vehicle for a ruggedly complete look.
  • Complete protection — Your bed may be protected, but what’s the point if you end up dropping something heavy on the bed rails? Installing a protective coating over the rails will deliver ideal protection from impacts.
  • Accessory compatibility — Many drivers opt for spray-in bed liners that stop under the rail because they worry about tonneau covers and toolboxes fitting with the new surface. Our LINE-X sprays are smooth and consistent, ensuring maximum compatibility with a variety of truck accessories.

Ready to learn more? LINE-X of Indianapolis is here to provide customized results to match every customer’s needs. Check out our site for complete LINE-X coatings, then contact us online for your project quote!