We hear this question asked all the time, “my new truck already has a factory spray bed liner, Isnt it as good as LINE-X and why would I still need LINE-X protective coatings?” Good question! If you are a casual truck user who may help their neighbor move a bed and that’s the extent of the trauma your truck bed will encounter, perhaps you don’t need anything more durable than the stock spray bed liner. However, if you use your truck for truck stuff — hauling, toy carrying, working, etc. — it is a good idea to second-guess the factory truck bed liner that came stock when you purchased your vehicle. In today’s post, we will offer a high-level overview of why investing in an after-market protective liner is the best thing you can do to protect your investment.

We know protection.

Truck manufacturers like Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, and Dodge know how to build trucks that are tough and last. When we talk about protection and durability, we can’t speak to your chassis or engine, we can only speak to what we specialize in — protecting the bed of your truck and its exterior. Vehicle manufacturers know vehicles, we know bed protection. What does that mean for you? You get superior protection because that’s all we know. Our skills and concerns aren’t split between various portions of your vehicle, only the protection against gouges and corrosion.

Sweat equity in the preparation.

The Key differences between a factory spray liner and a LINE-X liner are:

1) How its Prepped

2) How its Applied  

3) Overall Thickness 

4) Overall Protection 

5) Warranty 


How its prepped  – Trucks, like all other vehicles, are mass-produced on a factory floor through a assembly line. Because manufacturers don’t want to slow production they often find a faster way to process, and use alternate methods. When it comes to prepping truck beds for the spray liner manufacturers use Adhesion promoters as their prefered method of creating a bond for their spray bedlners before they are sprayed, This is to create a quick chemical bond at the facility. Then they use a robot to spray the liner into the bed. The down side to this application method is that it only creates a weak bond between the paint and the spray liner. Thus if you chip your liner or if your truck is used in heavy use over time the liners bond will break.  . At LINE-X we sand the clear coat and use alcohol to prep the bed just like a bodyshops do for paint. This process creates the strongest bond possible between your bed and the liner. . 

How Its Applied – As discussed earlier manufacturers prefer robots and use them to spray their liners as well. The important thing to remember is a robot is a large piece of equipment and can only reach so far into certain areas. Also because beds are already built and assembled often you will see odd imperfections in your bed. For example ford tapes around their side cleat accessory system instead of removing them and reinstalling them this leaves your bed color showing through the open cleat and leaves that area unprotected. Additionally all manufacturers tape around their bed lights bed switches etc. Also tailgates often wont be wrapped completely around the edges because a robot cant reach around that far when spraying tailgates while on the vehicle. At LINE-X we remove all factory screws bolts and bed accessories, including the tailgate. We do this to ensure your truck is 100% protected. 

Thicker really does mean better.

Overall Thickness – When it comes to protective coatings, it may seem like a no-brainer that all product like paint are sprayed at the same thickness. However this couldnt be further from the truth. In bedliners the thicker the liner, the better. Manufacturer protective coatings are often between 60 to 80 mm thick, offering decent coverage. Some spray-on liner competitors —  only spray 30-60 Mills thick. And your DYI products are applied at under 20 mills. To help you understand thickness a standard ID card is 10-13 mills thick. And 125 mills is equal to 1/8th of a inch thick. 60 mills is the mininum thickness for a bedliner to have structural strength  As you can imagine this wide range of  bedliner thicknesses offer a huge variation in bed  protection,

Over All Protection – Think of a bedliner in terms of Sunscreen A DYI bedliner is like a single coat of SPF 8 sunscreen for your entire Miami vacation. Other competitor bedliners  SPF 15 and Manufacturers SPF 30. LINE-X is applied evenly and consistently at 100 to 120 mm thickness to offer superior protection everywhere — think SPF 80 reapplied every 15 minutes. Additionally LINE-X can be sprayed at any desired thickness so for those who need more protection it can be sprayed thicker along with our PRO and Platinum LINE-X which is 300 times stronger than all other manufactured liners or SPF 300

Warranty –  

DYI offers no warranty if it fails 

Other Competitors offer Local warranties only that vary based on ownership

Manufacturers – 3 years 36,000 miles against manufacturer defects

LINE-X Nationwide LIfetime warranty against chipping pealing flaking and more. 

So what’s our trade secret? High-quality products applied with attention to detail without cutting corners. LINE-X continues to be the world’s leader in truck bed coating, used in over 500 locations in 46 countries. Indianapolis is fortunate to be home to four of those locations. For serious protection you can count on, discover the LINE-X difference. At LINE-X of Indianapolis, we offer six different truck bed liner options as well as window tinting, Leer caps, and we carry a variety of aftermarket truck accessories. Get the most out of your truck and let us help you protect your investment. Visit us online to learn more about our products and contact us to schedule your service today.