1. Valugard E.T.R. Kits

    Valugard ETR Kits allow for virtually permanent repairs of black and gray trim items that have been damaged by aging, exposure to solvents, splatter from sealant wax or polish, and paint over spray. Repair without time-consuming masking and painting. Outlasts shoe polish competitive products, will last at least three years in average use! Not paint, not polish, but an acrylic latex emulsion approv…Read More

  2. About Valugard

    Automotive International, Inc. Valugard was founded in 1971 and is completely involved in the automotive industry. Automotive International, Inc.(AI) is a worldwide provider of a broad range of automotive chemicals marketed directly to vehicle manufacturers and through a network of highly successful distributors, independent automotive professionals and a wide variety of Trade and Retail markets. …Read More

  3. Valugard Corrosion Prevention

    Four Steps for Protecting Your Car from Rust Despite recent advances in the materials and manufacture of vehicles, corrosion is still with us. You can hardly miss the effects of rust as you commute to and from work. The sight of cars and trucks with rusty fenders, doors, and frames is as common now as it was decades ago. In fact, the need for corrosion protection has become more urgent than ever. …Read More