1. The History of Rust Check

    The history of Rust Check dates back to 1970 when a Canadian pilot set out to combat the corrosion of dissimilar metals and electronic components in light aircraft. Early research revealed that the application of sealants, tars, and waxes was clearly the wrong approach to controlling corrosive oxida…Read More

  2. Rust Check Warranty

    Rust Check Warranty offers lifetime, annually renewable coverage to all cars less than one model year and to qualified cars up to three model years old. This is not a money-back warranty – if a vehicle rusts from the inside out, we will pay for the repairs in Rust Check Warrantyaccordance with the…Read More

  3. Rust Check for Fleet Vehicles

    Why Rust Check Your Truck and Truck Fleet? Corrosive salt and damaging moisture penetrate unprotected metals that seep into inner panel seams, leaving behind corrosive contaminants that can destroy metal over time. This residue not only affects the appearance of your truck but can also attack the jo…Read More