1. Why Our Truck Bed Linings Are of The Highest Quality

    Protect Your Truck With a Bed Lining Today! There are many things you can do to your truck to improve it and make it ready for anything. While you can add a bunch of accessories that you may never actually use, a better investment is to get your bed lined with high-quality LINE-X products. At Millennium Linings & Accessories, we are a part of the LINE-X family and can provide your truck with t…Read More

  2. Why Aluminum Beds Require More Protection

    Aluminum truck beds are becoming more popular as the benefits are being more recognized. Aluminum requires much less maintenance and is generally more resistant to rust and corrosion than its steel counterpart — and, LINE-X can maximize these benefits. One of the biggest benefits of aluminum truck beds is the lighter weight dramatically improves fuel efficiency. The lighter weight also helps pro…Read More

  3. When It Comes to Bed Liners, You Get What You Pay For

    We get it all the time: “I saw a DIY spray-on bed liner for less than $100, why is yours not this cheap?” Easy, there is nothing cheap about LINE-X truck bed liners. While we know that most people who ask this question are referring to cost, as you can guess, we are referring to value. We don’t take offense to questions like this because we pride ourselves on not overcharging, but offering u…Read More

  4. How LINE-X Compares to Factory Truck Spray Bed Liners

    We hear this question asked all the time, “my new truck already has a factory spray bed liner, Isnt it as good as LINE-X and why would I still need LINE-X protective coatings?” Good question! If you are a casual truck user who may help their neighbor move a bed and that’s the extent of the trauma your truck bed will encounter, perhaps you don’t need anything more durable than the stock spr…Read More

  5. Why Drop In Bedliners Are Bad

    Most truck owners who go with drop-in bedliners do so to save money. Drop-in bedliners typically cost between $150-$200. This price tag looks like the less expensive option until you start to look a closer look. A drop-in bedliner is a plastic liner that will eventually become loose. When it does, the friction can wear through the paint on the bed floor. This will expose the metal underneath the p…Read More

  6. South Store Grand ReOpening!

    Our South Store location at 494 US 31 North Suite G Greenwood, IN 46142 will be temporarily closing on March 31st. This is in preparation for our NEW LARGER LOCATION on 4600 Bluff Road. We are planning a Grand Reopening on May 1st Details to follow. Check out a sneak peak of the new location:…Read More

  7. COVID-19 – We’re Open

    COVID-19 Response We will continue to stay open through this challenging time. As a small business, we are taking every precaution to weather this situation while still providing excellent service for our customers. We are taking the following steps to prevent the spread of the virus: We are wiping down all surfaces in between customers, including steering wheels, seats covers, and door handles. O…Read More

  8. Arctic Start Warranty

    After purchasing your Arctic Start remote start system from an Authorized Dealer, make sure you register your product so that it is protected by Arctic Start’s 1-year remote warranty and lifetime system warranty. Arctic Start offers an industry-leading lifetime system warranty, which protects you from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and circumstances. Arctic Start remotes ar…Read More

  9. The History of Rust Check

    The history of Rust Check dates back to 1970 when a Canadian pilot set out to combat the corrosion of dissimilar metals and electronic components in light aircraft. Early research revealed that the application of sealants, tars, and waxes was clearly the wrong approach to controlling corrosive oxidation and metallic rust out. It was reasoned that moisture was the primary catalyst that accelerated …Read More