Millennium Linings & Accessories and LINE-X of Indianapolis has two convenient Indianapolis locations, one on the west side near Avon, and the other on Indianapolis’ south side in Greenwood. We are a Top 100 LINE-X® Franchise, specializing in all types of coatings and vehicle accessories. Our west side location has the largest truck gear showroom in the Indianapolis area, with over 3,000 square feet of truck accessories. We also have the largest LINE-X® polyurea spray booth in the Midwest, capable of handling even your largest projects. From semi-trailers to large RVs, mobile collapsible stages, specialty marine, and more, no project is too large for our LINE-X specialists.


In the spring of 1998, brothers Jim and Jay Hutchek found they had an issue with their fishing boat — their rear seat would often hit and scratch the boat motor hood of their aluminum Sylvan boat. Jim, being in the plastics industry, had the idea that they could get their hood coated just like Jay’s truck bed. They quickly realized they couldn’t get any dealer to do it for a reasonable price, because at the time there was only one lining company that seemed to be well-known in Indianapolis.

After seeing the company’s products again at the Indiana State Fair, they negotiated a fair price and took it to a local shop to have the top of the boat’s hood coated. A few weeks later, they found the product peeling off the motor’s fiberglass hood. As advertised, they took it back to get it repaired under warranty. The local dealer turned them away, saying, “not my problem.”

Frustrated, they vowed never to use this product again. Jim and Jay vowed to show how to run a respectable protective linings company, and the rest is history. A month later, Jim came home to find his wife Shelley had not only researched every known spray-on bed liner, but had samples of every one of them on their dining room table. Jim, Jay, and Shelley went through all 40+ samples, and found that one stood out above all the rest…LINE-X®.

In the late Fall of 1998, while on a family vacation to Las Vegas, the three decided to go into business together. With the new millennium quickly approaching, they decided to name their brainchild Millennium Linings, as this was going to be the company to take their family into the next millennium.

With all good business ideas you need a plan, so they put together their resumes and a detailed business plan to take to the bank for review. In February of 1999, they officially met with LINE-X® and sealed the deal to open Indianapolis’ first LINE-X Location: Millennium Linings & Accessories and LINE-X of Indianapolis in May of 1999 on Indy’s west side.


It would be great to say they lived happily ever after — however, with all new businesses, there are always bumps in the road. LINE-X of Indianpolis’ first bump was just a few months later at the 1999 Indiana State Fair, where they found that the Indiana State Fair Board had illegally sold an exclusive agreement to the aforementioned linings company to keep all other bed liner companies from showing their product at the fair.

Jim decided that if they couldn’t get in, they needed to make their issues known. Armed with hundreds of flyers — and plenty of trucks in the fair’s parking lots to put them on — Millennium and LINE-X of Indianapolis told customers why they weren’t at the fair. This, along with a vast amount of help from the local press, meant Millennium Linings prevailed in the end. By week two of the State Fair, Jim had received a call from the Governor’s office offering them a guaranteed spot in the 2000 State Fair, and a promise the fair board would not be signing any more exclusive deals to keep local businesses out. This came on the condition that LINE-X of Indianapolis would stop talking to the press, as it was terrible publicity for the fair. The Mayor’s, Governor’s, and State Fair’s offices had all been inundated with phone calls and complaints from Indiana citizens and other local small businesses.


LINE-X of Indianapolis had built a wonderful customer base on the sole principle that everyone was to be treated like family. This eventually caused them to outgrow their Country Club Rd. location. So, by mid-2002, the Hutcheks bought their second and third LINE-X® territories from Cookie’s Body Shop of Acton, IN. Cookie’s was the original Indiana LINE-X® dealer that started in the early 90’s. This expansion gave them the entire West, South, and East side territories of Indianapolis, all the way to Shelbyville. They also later opened Millennium Custom Coatings as a specialty and mobile coatings company. In the Spring of 2004, the family moved their west side business to its permanent home on Raceway Road. At this time, there were still no other LINE-X® dealers in Indianapolis.

Later in 2010, Millennium Custom Coatings, or MCC, started to transition into more of a specialty company — not only coatings, but manufacturing parts and equipment for other mobile coating and foaming companies. By 2012, MCC had become one of the leading equipment dealers in the region, and was continuing to grow. So, in late 2011, Jim and Jay decided to start splitting their businesses. Jay and his business partner Rob took over ownership of the MCC Equipment Company they had built. Later in 2014, with MCC requiring more and more of Jay’s time, and LINE-X® having become an official franchise, Jim and Jay decided it was best for Jim and Shelley to take over full ownership of the two LINE-X® locations.


LINE-X of Indianapolis is still run by Jim and Shelley to this day. Jim not only oversees the stores, he’s also at the locations every day making sure they keep with their tradition of treating each and every customer as if they were family. This also gives the customer the assurance that we are a local company that cares. Any concern, no matter how small, won’t fall on deaf ears, as the owner is always on duty to ensure their customer’s needs are being met. LINE-X of Indianapolis also does not commission its staff to sell and upsell like most truck accessory chains do, as this leads to customers feeling pressured and confused over what is the best product for their needs. At Millennium Linings & Accessories and LINE-X of Indianapolis, we are not after the single sale, we are here to earn your family’s business for life. Browse our site to see the truck lining services and truck accessories we offer, check out a few of our featured projects for inspiration, and stop by our locations to see how we can help you. Have questions? Contact us online for complete assistance!