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4 Reasons To Coat Your Truck’s Bed

Keep Your Truck Bed Protected With LINE-X

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Have you been considering taking the next step to provide your truck’s bed with outstanding protection by adding a LINE-X coating here in Indianapolis? Millennium Linings & Accessories has been helping truck owners get the most out of their vehicles with our entire line of LINE-X products, including some of the most robust coatings you can find on the market today. Here are just four great reasons to make the choice for LINE-X today!


Long Lasting 

LINE-X is designed to last, going the distance with you and your truck, mile after mile, job after job. We’re so confident in the long-lasting performance of LINE-X that you can take advantage of a nationwide lifetime warranty that is valid at any of the 400+ LINE-X locations. LINE-X is guaranteed not to crack, bubble, or flake for as long as you own your truck. No matter what tough jobs you put your truck through, LINE-X is guaranteed to last. In the unlikely event that your LINE-X coating fails, any LINE-X franchise will replace the coating at no cost to you.

Premium Protection

The protective truck bed coating from LINE-X contains some seriously tough polymers that have been engineered to withstand year after year of heavy-duty use — whether you’re working in the desert heat or the arctic tundra! LINE-X boasts a higher tensile strength than any of its competitors, protecting your truck’s bed from scratches, gouges, rips, and tears. LINE-X is even resistant to most chemicals found on worksites, including chlorine, gasoline, diesel fuel, bleach, and most household solvents. This is bar-none the most technologically advanced spray-on bedliner available in Indianapolis — or anywhere else!

Aesthetic Appeal 

Superior protection is always great, but that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice the way your truck looks. Thankfully, LINE-X not only lasts forever and protects your truck bed better than any other coating, but it also looks fantastic when professionally applied. In addition to protecting your truck bed, it also makes cleaning out your truck a breeze. Go the extra mile to protect your truck and boost its appeal by applying LINE-X coatings today!

Superior Service from Millenium LINE-X in Indianapolis

Millennium Linings & Accessories was founded on the principles of providing outstanding customer service and superior truck protection products. There are other companies out there that offer inferior products, that will then turn you away when their products fail. We knew there was a better way, so we set out to be Indianapolis’ best one-stop truck protection provider! Don’t just get a truck coating from anywhere — get the protection and customer service you deserve from the professionals at Millenium!


Are you ready to protect your truck with a bed coating that lasts as long as you do? Contact us if you have any questions and visit us at one of our two locations in Indianapolis!

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